In Memoriam

ISBN 978-986-93131-1-7
Oboe and Piano / 24 pages / NT300 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

2002: In Memoriam for Oboe and Piano

This duet is a single movement piece, music flows consistently and emotionally like a Ballade. The first descending minor second plays as a main motif and development through the entire piece. The overlapping, accumulating phrases, represent as the softly sighs, continuously emerging the emotions of the deepest and infinite thoughts to the love one.

※ In Memoriam was composed in memory of one of the composer's best friends, Mister Andrew Chew's late wife, Xiu-Gui Hsu. It was premiered in May 2002 at Hong-Gah Museum by Wan-Chen Hsieh (Oboe) and Chun-Chiang Chiu (Piano).