ISBN 978-986-93131-0-0
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello / 28 pages / NT350 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

2013: Blessing ‒ Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello
This composition was dedicated to Professor Ma's eldest son as a gift for his wedding. The beginning of the piece is a beautiful Andante melody, representing the composer's enthusiastic parental love and care. The music then gradually turns to a vivid Allegretto section, symbolizing the sunshine, happy young couple's relationship. Afterward, back to the Andante main theme, indicates to give all the warm wishes and blessings to the happy couple forever.

※ This trio was premiered in1998 in The Grand Hotel,Taipei. The original instrumentation is for violin, cello and harp, premiered by Tze-Fang Liu (Violin), Yu-Jie Lin (Cello) and Jia-Hui Huang (Harp). After the premiere in the wedding ceremony, the composer also rearranged this trio for different instrumentations, such as trio for flute, bassoon and harp, or for violin, cello and piano.