The Egret's Wishes

ISBN 978-986-91004-9-6
Piano and String Quartet / 56 pages / NT600 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

2002: The Egretʼs Wishes for Piano and String Quartet
The Egret's Wishes was commissioned by the Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation (ECEF). The piece consists four sections, and the composer developed the main motives and elements from the melody of a Taiwanese children's rhyme, The Little Egret, as the base of this composition. Although there are always subtle differences change steadily in every section, the development of the main motives are very simple and clear in this piece, implies as if the diversities will finally purify and unite to one simple concept/idea, even they are developed in different ways. This symbolizes the little egret flies over different mountains and valleys, but always seeking the way to the only place for peace and happiness.

※ The Egret's Wishes was premiered in the National Cocnert Hall on 25th of August 2002. It was pragrammed in a concert of "The 2nd Taiwan-Canada Summer Music Festival". The world premiere musicians were Kiai Nara (Piano), Edmond Agopian (Violin I), Meng-Ping Wu (Violin II), Jui-Se Yang (Viola) and I-Wen Lin (Cello).