Meditation on Ink Painting

ISBN 978-986-93131-2-4
Cellos / 28 pages / NT350 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

1994: Meditation on Ink Painting for Nine Cellos
Music and painting are two beloved arts for Professor Ma since he was a kid. Even he finally decided devoted to music composing for his life, he always had the passion for painting. Several Professor Ma's compositions were highly inspired from the concepts and techniques of painting. Professor Ma believed that all the arts, although they present differently on the usages of materials or techniques, the essence and highest acheivement of all arts must be the same, including both music and painting.

Meditation on Paintings in Ink was directly inspired by the techniques of Chinese traditional ink painting and the concept of “the mutuality in virtuality and reality”. The composer attempted to transform the philosophy that derive from the “virtuality-reality” relationship into the composition, presented it as the contrast between time and space, the alternation of texture and density, or, the changing of emptiness and fullness, etc., in order to establish an artistic atmosphere of musical painting.

※ Meditation on Paintings in Ink was commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs, premiered in the National Concert Hall, on 25th of November 1995. It was programed in the Euterpe: Spring and Autumn concert series “Autumn 1995: A Night of Chamber Music”, held by the Chew's Culture Foundation. The world premiere was conducted by Hwei-Ming Twu and the nine cellists were Wan-Ling Sun, Jyh-Ing Huang, Pei-Ling Cheng (Yi-Chin Cheng) , Shih-Fei Tseng, Wan-Rong Hung, Yun-Yu Huang, Chu-Chuan Liu, Monica C.F. Su and Pei-Yu Wang.