Woodwind Quintet

ISBN 978-986-91004-8-9
Woodwind / 28 pages / NT400 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

2002: Woodwind Quintet
The piece was composed for the wedding ceremony of the composer's second son. This pleasant and lively composition is divided into five parts, a small rondo form. The first theme is in Zi-pentatonic mode, mainly play by flute. The main theme is later transposed a fifth higher and orchestrated between the oboe, clarinet and bassoon parts.

The second theme is in a slower, more sentimental mood. It builds up as a contrast section to the first theme. French horn plays the traditional Wedding Song of the Puyuma tribe and dominates in this section.

In the third part of this composition, the melodic line returns to the first theme, transformed to D-flat Zipentatonic mode. The oboe plays the main theme and later the clarinet plays the variations of this melodic line.

The fourth section brings out the third theme of this piece: a traditional Atayal tribe's “Jew Harp Song” melody that plays by the bassoon. This passionate, fast-tempo dancing theme is then composed into several variations and plays by oboe and clarinet.

In the last section of the composition, the first theme returns again. Building up and reaches the climax then leads to the final of the piece.

Professor Ma selected two aboriginal tribal songs, related to weddings and love, and quoted them in this piece and presented as a wedding gift for his beloved son. This father-son relationship and love, and also this unique composition, made that wedding ceremony a memorable event for the guests.

※ This piece was premiered in 2002 at The Landis Taipei Hotel by Fu-Ming Huang (Flute), Chien-Chih Hung (Oboe), Jen-Hwa Huang (Clarinet), Yi-Fen Kuo (Bassoon) and Yih-Duen Huang (Horn).