String Quartet

ISBN 978-986-91004-7-2
String / 36 pages / NT500 / Publishing Date: Apr. 2016

1983: String Quartet
String Quartet is divided into four movements (sections): I. Allegro con brio, II. Dichterisches Adagio, III. Andante cantabile, IV. Lebendiges Finale. The composer designed this piece to play continuously between sections and makes the composition a quasi-single-movement. Due to the continuity, the musical elements and compositional concepts are connected smoothly through out the piece.

The vigorous pizzicato opens up the first movement of this piece, imitates the traditional Chinese Gongand- Drum rhythmic patterns. The cello solo main theme flows in later and develop the music to the following sections. The second movement is inspired from the concept of “poetry reading”. It is the most intensive section and holds the greatest contrast of this piece. The third movement combines elements from the earlier movments and leads to the fourth movement, Lebendiges Finale. The musical ideas between these four movments of the composition are strongly revelent to each other.

The musical content in a composition sets up the style for itself. Even under some restrictions of tradional musical forms, the composer tried to develop few new compositional ideas in order to achieve a new sphere of string quartet with this piece.

String Quartet was commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs, finished in 1983, premiered on 4th of January 1985 in the National Taiwan University Student Activity Center. It was programed in the event “A Night of Shui-Long Ma's Chamber Music”, held by Asian Composers' League-Taiwan Section and NTU-Philharmonic Club. The premiered musicians were: Wei-Chung Chiang (Violin I), Chin-Kuei Hong (Violin II), Ming-Li Wu (Viola) and Wan-Ling Sun (Cello).

※ The first edition of the score was published in 1987, and the second edition published in 2016.