Piano Sonata

ISBN 978-986-91004-3-4
Piano / 44 pages / NT500 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2014

1974: Piano Sonata
The piece was completed in Regensburg, Germany in spring 1974. It comprises three movements in different characters, which can be easily identified by the audience.

The first movement, Allegro con brio, is in sonata form. The first theme is majestic and powerful with dualistic motifs, one of which leads to the mild subordinate theme. The unfolding of the whole movement is based upon the contrast between the two themes.

The form of the second movement is freer. The slow song-like introduction is like poem-reciting, and the main theme follows it. The movement comprises four sections, which are coalesced by the common motifs among them.

The last movement is Scherzo - Allegro Vivace. The ample width of its rhythmic change brings different shades of delight, sometimes witty, brisk; sometimes majestic, agitated, throaty, etc. Nevertheless, the diversity never eclipses the musical coherence. It is the characteristic, as well as the very highlight, of the piece.

※ The pianist in the world premiere in Regensburg was Prof. K. Pfeiffer, and the first public performance of this piece in Taiwan is presented by the pianist Hsu Tzu-Chen.