Rhapsody in Kuan Du

ISBN 978-986-91004-1-0
Piano and Orchestra / 104 pages / NT900 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2014

2001: Rhapsody in Kuan Du, for Piano and Orchestra
This piece is not a conventional piano concerto, but the piano still plays a major role in the orchestration. It is not program music either. The composer has been living in northern Kuando for years, facing the Kuando Plain, where he was inspired by the first ray of the morning sun, the sunset glow, the misty fog in the morning, and the brightly lit night scenes. The inspiration, coming in dribs and drabs, in a haphazardly contemplative way, resulted in this attacca piece. The work was originally titled Kuando Fantasia, and renamed as Rhapsody in Kuan Du later.

※ This composition was commissioned by Chew's Culture Foundation in 2000, and the symphony orchestra of National Taipei University of the Arts gave its world premiere at the National Concert Hall in Taipei in 2001, with the pianist Wang Mei-Ling and conductor Hsu Sung-Jen.