Searching ─ for Cheng and Orchestra

ISBN 978-986-91004-4-1
Cheng and Orchestra / 64 pages / NT900 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2014

2007: Searching ‒ for Cheng and Orchestra
The history of some Chinese traditional musical instruments, such as Cheng, Qin, Pipa, etc., has seen their performing techniques evolved over a thousand years. Many of them have developed their unique stylistic expression and zest with sorts of articulation, which are not to be completed by those of many Western instruments. The composer has long been delving into the characteristics of these traditional instruments, attempting to ferret out further musical meanings from different formal and aesthetic angles. Searching ─ for Cheng and Orchestra, commissioned by the Cheng player Hao-Yin Huang, was originally a solo Cheng piece. It was completed in mid-April, 2005, and was premiered in the same year at the 25th meeting of the Asia Composers' League held in Bangkok, Thailand. The composer later expanded it into an ensemble piece for Cheng and orchestra, trying to integrate different timbral characters of the Eastern and Western instruments within their dominant-subordinate interactions and dialogues in the piece.

※ The first version of the orchestral score was completed in October 2006, when the composer was in residence at Acton near Boston, U.S.A. It was premiered in mid-December 2007 by Hao-Yin Huang and the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Chun-Chiang Chiu, at the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Taichung, the Kaohsiung City Cultural Center and the National Concert Hall in Taipei, respectively.