Legend of Taiwan — Orchestral Suite of Chivalrous Liao Tain-Ding

ISBN 978-957-41-8741-6
Orchestra / 192 pages / NT1200 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2011

1979:Legend of Taiwan — Orchestral Suite of Chivalrous Liao Tain-Ding
This work was originally composed for a dance drama named Liao, Tand-Ding, and later on, recomposed as an orchestra work, and it was commissioned by the Cloud Gate Dance Foundation. Excepting the Overture, the work is divided into five movements. The form and structure of each movement all relate to the story basis. The roles and music themes are as follows:

First: Liao Tain-Ding:
The composer created two themes a and b, to express both Liao Tain-Ding's heroically tragic character and also his humorous character. Please see below:

Second: A young lady humiliated by the Japanese Police:
Although the young lady is not played as a heroine, she is significant here. She symbolizes the experiences and fates of Taiwanese citizens during the colonial period. For example c:

The work begins with an Overture by developing subjects a and c, to imply the fate of hero Liao Tain-Ding and what he has gone through.

1st Movement: Night Lane in Ta Tao Cheng / 2nd Movement: The Japanese Mansion / 3rd Movement: Festival at the Hsia Hai Cheng Huang Temple / 4th Movement: Tamshui Riverside / 5th Movement:Martyrdom

※ In May 1979, The dance of Legend of Taiwan—Orchestral Suite of Chivalrous Liao Tain-Ding arranged by Huai-ming Lin, was premiered by the National Taiwan Junior College of Art Orchestra, conducted by the composer Shui-long Ma, recorded by the Yun-de Company, and was premiered at the Taiwan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.