The Lament of Tou-Ehr ─
for Suona, Timpani, Percussion, and Chorus

ISBN 978-957-41-8742-3
Vocal, Suona, Perccusion / 44 pages / NT400 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2011

1980:The Lament of Tou-Ehr, for Suona, Timpani, Percussion, and Chorus
This work was composed for a Chinese dance drama Snow Festival. The drama was based on an extremely touching story about a lady named Doue E, and was written by the author Guan Hanqing during the Yuan Dynasty. It is divided into three sections in a cyclic form, with one theme. The instrumentation includes voices for male and female, suona (Chinese cornet), there are more than ten traditional Chinese percussions are used, such as the wind gong, large and small luo (as used in Beijing opera), and the Chinese clapper, Paiban. The sound of suona indicates the lady Dou E with her battle cry and strong faith. The music begins after lady Dou E's faint narrative.

※The Lament of Tou-Ehr was commissioned by the Neo Classical Music Group. The dance was arranged by Fon-xuei Liu, with orchestra and chorus conducted by the composer, Shui-long Ma himself. It was recorded by the Yun-de Company, and premiered at the Taiwan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in April 1981.