The Peacock Flies Southeast ─ for orchestra

ISBN 978-957-41-8740-9
Orchestra / 80 pages / NT600 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2011

1977:The Peacock Flies Southeast, for orchestra
The composer was inspired after reading a poem of the same title, and he completed this work in 1977. The form and structure follows the twists and turns of the story's plot. Apart from the overture, it is including two parts and a finale.

Overture: Adagio. At the beginning, cello and double bass play the hero Chung-ching Theme, followed by the timpani playing softly and becoming loud in a repeating antiphonal style. Then the heroine Lan-Zu theme appears via the French horn, and this is developed by the oboe and clarinet.

Part one: describes the couple Chung-ching and Lan-zu were deeply in love, causing the mother-in-law to be so jealous that he asks for a divorce and sends Lan-zu back to her family.

Part two: After Lan-zu returned home, her brother forces her to get married again. Eventually, the couple committed suicide, one after another, however, gongs and drums play to indicate Lan-zu's wedding day is coming. The two themes that represent Chung-ching and Lan-zu are written in an antiphonal style, interwoven with the different instrumental parts and leads to a different mood later on.

Finale: Chung-ching and Lan-zu commit suicide due to their frustrated love. The female chorus leads to a musical climax, and brings it to an end. The song here is sorrowful, full of meaning of praying, cherishing and sadness.

※ This work was commissioned by the dancer Ms. Li-syun Huang and was premiered in the same year by the Provincially Published Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Chu-Sheng Chen at the Chung-xing Hall, Taichung city, and the Taiwan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.