Searching ─ for Cheng Solo

ISBN 978-957-41-8739-3
Zither / 24 pages / NT250 / Publishing Date: Dec. 2011

2005:Searching, for cheng Solo
Among traditional instruments such as zheng, qin, pipa, etc., their origin and history datedback to over thousands of years and playing technique such as yin (chanting), rou (vibrato),an (stopping), fan (releasing), zhouyin (walking chanting), yayin (pressed chanting), feiyin(flying chanting), diandun (staccato), etc. are unique expression and charm, not found in Westernmusical instruments. For years, the composer has been searching a new dimension of musicalexpression by utilizing the characteristics and concepts of these traditional musical instruments.

※ The present composition, completed in mid-April of 2005, was commissioned by guzhengmaster Huang Haoyin, and first performed by Ms. Huang in August of the same year at the 25th Asian Composers League Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand.