Concerto For Bamboo Flute and Orchestra

ISBN 978-957-41-7614-4
Bamboo, Orchestra / 60 pages / NT500 / Publishing Date: Oct. 2010

1981: Concerto for bamboo flute and orchestra
Completed in 1981, Concerto for Bamboo Flute and Orchestra consists of two continuous movements. The first movement begins with a solemn prelude for wind and string instruments, introducing the first theme which expresses the fortitude of the Han Chinese spirit. The second theme, mainly performed by the bangdi (the bamboo flute), is lively and cheerful, expressing the naivety and rusticity of the vigorous, optimistic folk people. As a condensed variation of the first theme, the second theme not only relates to the first in an evident way, but also becomes the core of the first movement.

The second movement is an elegant Adagio. The first theme from the first movement appears in the low strings and leads to a new musical idea for the bangdi. Like an epic it unhurriedly narrates in an easy, peaceful way the magnificence of the age-old Han Chinese history and culture.

The coda recapitulates the first and second themes of the first movement, but with slight variations, which are further developed and woven together to gradually build up the final climax of the whole piece.

※Concerto for Bamboo Flute and Orchestra was commissioned by the Broadcasting Corporation of China in 1981, and was premiered the same year by the Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nien-Fu David Liao at the Taiwan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.