Lantern Festival ─ for orchestra

ISBN 978-957-41-7616-8
Orchestra / 40 pages / NT400 / Publishing Date: Oct. 2010

1977: Lantern Festival ─ for orchestra
Hand lanterns and sweet yuanxiao rice dumplings are, in tradition, those which most children eagerly anticipate during the annual Lantern Festival. It is the memory of this joyful time from his childhood that inspires the composer to compose this piece.

The piece starts with a brisk and lively prelude for drums, gongs and wind instruments, welcoming the deity associated with the Lantern Festival. Delighted children everywhere carry lanterns and gather in the square in front of the local temple to celebrate the exciting event. The associated activities also include dragon and lion dances, guessing games etc. among numerous celebration actions, all along with brightly-lit and beautifully decorated lanterns which the festival features. The composer has also included an Adagio passage to portray the amiable mood of family reunion during the special holiday.

In a constant lively pace the entire composition reaches a full climax toward the end.

Lantern Festival was commissioned by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in 1977, and was premiered the same year by the Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nien-Fu David Liao at the Taiwan National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.