For Pipa and String Quartet

ISBN 978-957-41-7612-0
Pipa, Violin, Viola, Cello
36 pages + 8 pages / NT350 / Publishing Date: Oct. 2010

2000: For pipa and string quartet
The pipa is one of the most expressive among the traditional Chinese plucked string instruments. Its irreplaceable versatility and charm reside in its unique way of making sorts of glissando, roll, powerful attack, etc. with a wide array of fingering techniques. The composer has particularly coupled both the masculine and effeminate characters of this distinctive traditional solo instrument, and integrated it with the western string quartet. Through the combination as well as the dialogue between the two, the composer tries to explore some alternative musical style and content.

For Pipa and String Quartet was commissioned by Chew's Culture Foundation in 2000, and was premiered at the Taiwan National Concert Hall in 2001.