Toccata and Fugue

ISBN 978-957-41-7613-7
Organ / 36 pages / NT250 / Publishing Date: Oct. 2010

1974: Toccata and Fugue for organ solo
The Toccata is in a free, improvisational style. Its motifs and themes are all derived from the subject of the Fugue, which lurks in the Toccata and sporadically occurs with local climaxes. The structure of the Fugue is somewhat complex: the subject is first answered by its inversion, and both forms of the subject thereafter appear among voices with varying rhythmic augmentation and diminution. The entire composition brings up the unique color of the organ, upon which the tension is also built. It develops through several stages and reaches its full climax at the end.

Toccata and Fugue was completed in Regensburg, Germany in 1974, and was premiered by the organist Eberhard Kraus in Munich in 1975.