Sonata for Violin and Piano solo

ISBN 978-957-41-6469-1
Violin, Piano / 48 pages + 12 pages / NT400 / Publishing Date: Sep. 2009

This piece was finished between 1963 and 1964. It is one of the three works I created when I was still a student at National Taiwan University of Arts ( then National Arts School), and also the most significant one among the three. Sonata for Violin and Piano solo was an alternative attempt I made upon my graduation, when I decided to abandon the traditional western major-minor system of functional hamony, in order to explore a personal musical language.

There are three movements in this piece, like a sonata of the classical period. The concept of its harmonic structure was developed from the traditional tuning of a pipa.

First Movement: Overture and allegretto. This starts, carries forth, changes and sums up.
Second Movement: Intoning Poeme (Adagio)
Third Movement: Rondeau (Allegro)

※This piece was finished in 1964. In June of the same year it was debuted at the International House of Taipei. Performers included violinist Lu Hsin-ye and pianist Hsu Tzu-chen.