I am……

ISBN 978-957-41-6468-4
Soprano, Flute, Percussion
28 pages / NT200 / Publishing Date: Sep. 2009

This piece of music was composed based on a poem by contemporary writer, Professor Ma Sen:

I am the tree, I am the flower, I am the soil
I am the wind, I am the water, I am the valley
For one day I fly, one day I walk, one day I pause
One day, I rooted myself in the valley by the water in the soil
I am no longer the tree, no longer the soil
I am no longer the wind, no longer the water, no longer the valley
I am....

After reading this poem a string of inspirations came to me. I thought of Ma Zhiyuan's poetry, life and music. Compelled by a strong desire to create, I quickly composed the structure of this piece in my mind with no hesitation. Since the original poem creates lasting imagery and atmosphere, I decided to focus on philosophical and abstract aspects instead of focusing on the melody. I composed a chamber music piece for soprano, flute and percussion. The percussion instruments used to perform this piece include clapper, side drum, wind bell, suspended cymbal, xylophone, woodblocks, wind gong and timpani, so everyone can really enjoy the imagery and atmosphere of the original poem.

The musical form of this piece is inspired by the structure of the original poem. The piece is composed of an introduction and two sections; the introduction has eighteen parts, and the first section starts with the soprano reciting, and then the flute progressively starts interacting with the percussion. In the second section, the soprano's voice mingles with flute and percussion. For the vocal part, I intended to reach a higher level of savor by using a format from traditional chanting.

※ The creation of this piece was commissioned by the New Aspect Cultural and Educational Foundation. Upon its completion in 1985, it was debuted in the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial on April 14th of the same year. Performers included soprano Liu Sai-yun, flutist Lu Mei-hsin, percussionists Ju Tzong-ching, Cheng Ji-hung and Chang Jue-wen.